Universal Compression socks
Universal Compression socks
Universal Compression socks
Universal Compression socks

Universal Compression socks

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Our Universal Compression Socks enhances blood circulation and helps prevent muscle spasm and/or cramping. Its stimulates the first blood pump that will help reduce foot inflammation. Designed for greater comfort, they are ideal for people sitting for long periods or standing on its feet all day.

Our seamless toes box design (at the tip of the foot) provides maximum comfort and helps prevent chafing and irritation. Targeted compression around the calf and shin and gradient zoned compression panels greater performance and faster recovery time.

Our Universal Compression Socks helps beat the effects of flying. Reduces leg fatigue and muscle stiffness.

Compression benefits

  1. Reduces foot inflammation

  2. Improves blood circulation

  3. Helps eliminating toxins (lactic acid)

Designed for all sports

Benefit greater performance while running, high intensity training, cycling, skiing, playing volleyball, soccer, basketball, triathlon, hockey & all others impact sports will also benefit from our Universal Compression Socks. Ideal for plane travel.

Fabric Features

  1. Moisture Control, blended fabric microfibers extract moisture away from the skin

  2. Antimicrobial, 99.99% free of the bacteria that causes odors

  3. Seamless Targeted Compression Zones, fit your anatomy like a second skin and optimize the biomechanics of your body

  4. Advanced Compression Technology, calibrated and adapted to the anatomy for effective blood return and better muscle oxygenation


Fabric: 85 % Polyamide, 15 % Elastane (LYCRA®)

Color: Charcoal

Includes 1 pair